Apprendre le français à Montréal

Learning French at the Alliance Française de Montreal

You just arrived in Montreal or you simply feel like learning French for your immigration applications, finding your dream job and getting immersed in Francophone culture ?

The French classes at the Alliance Française de Montréal are made for you !

This article will explain to you all the necessary information you need : from the quality of the French classes to the information about the different types of exams you can take. Enjoy your reading !

Lancement Alliance Francaise Montréal

Official Launch of the 10th Alliance Française of Canada

The Alliance Française of Montreal opened its doors on October 26, 2023, to the jubilation of the French-speaking community. The Alliance Française in Montreal first opened in 1902 and was active for nearly 98 years between 1902 and 2000 when it shut down for various reasons. With its official re-opening late October, the Alliance Française of Montreal has received a new lease of life in response to a growing demand for French tuition.