Lancement Alliance Francaise Montréal

Official Launch of the 10th Alliance Française of Canada


The Alliance Française of Montreal opened its doors on October 26, 2023, to the jubilation of the French-speaking community. The organisation was first created in 1902 and was active for nearly 98 years between 1902 and 2000 when it shut down for various reasons. With its official re-opening late October, the Alliance Française of Montreal has received a new lease of life in response to a growing demand for French tuition.

Together with offering high-level French classes, the promotion of Francophone culture is an important objective of the Alliance Française of Montreal. It aims to contribute to the cultural diversity of the Francophone community of Montreal by facilitating positive and inclusive intercultural events that will bring together the various cultures present in this city’s amazing community. Our hope is that the Alliance Française of Montreal will come to be recognised as a leading cultural centre, capable of embracing the cultural diversity of the French-speaking Montreal community.

Much commitment and effort has gone into the process of receiving official certification from worldwide network of Alliance Française, by the Board of Directors prior to the actual launch. The initiative began a year ago with Christophe Brayet, Director and Alexeï Vostrikov, Academic coordinator (Educational Director/ Teaching head) as well as the Board of Directors. Temporary teaching premises were needed before a permanent locale could be set up, so Montreal CoWork at the heart of the Francophone neighbourhood, le Plateau de Montreal, is currently the base for an office open on once a week on Wednesdays. Classes and exams are also already underway there. The Alliance Française de Montreal has thus been given new life with a unique three-fold mission and values.

Mission and Values of the Alliance Française de Montréal

The Alliance Française de Montréal, the 10th in Canada, is part of a worldwide cultural network that is spread out over all five continents. It thereby benefits from an expertise developed over decades enabling French tuition from beginning to advanced levels of French: A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1. Scheduled classes with a fully qualified teaching staff will be offered, both on site or online, either daytime or evening sessions. One-on-one classes, private tuition and company training will soon be possible for a truly authentic learning experience. An incomparable learning opportunity for all ages and every background! The organisation of innovative cultural events makes the Alliance Française de Montréal a unique learning and cultural centre. Come join us on a journey across the world of Francophone culture. To learn more about our courses in French (Levels A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1) and discover all the advantages of learning French at the Alliance Française de Montréal, feel free to reach out to us.

The launch was the perfect opportunity to express the unique mission and values of the Alliance Française de Montréal, which are:

To promote the teaching and use of the French language using broad-based and inclusive initiatives, to encourage interest in French and Francophone culture, promote diversity and cross-cultural exchange.

Teamwork at its best – An amazing synergy

On the evening of October 26, Francophile friends of the Alliance Française network and its mission and values gathered to celebrate the opening of the Alliance Française de Montréal in a truly memorable occasion. Members of the Board of Directors and three leading volunteers worked together with a group of enthusiastic helpers to make this an evening to remember. There was support at every step – reception, buffet, interviews, presentations, communication, photography, film … dynamic energy every new organisation needs to help turn a dream into reality. A huge job, an exciting one!

Julien, Clara, Vish, Émeline, Noëlline, Sarra, Nandini, Jeanne, Joanne, Léa, Hind, Rebeka, Valentin, Cécile & Elliot

Words and Pictures

On D Day, journists, Alexis Gacon (Radio Canada), Anaïs Bouitch (Le Journal des Français à l’étranger) and Carla Geib (Maudits Français) were invited to a press conference to disseminate the news of the launch. Several clips were screened through the evening by communication experts.

A photo call was also set up to record this unforgettable occasion. Several distinguished figures present were interviewed. They gave glowing tributes to the Alliance Française de Montréal and its future contribution to the Montreal cultural landscape.

A Strong Show of Support and Confidence

Officials and dignitaries present:

Many leading figures spoke on the importance of the role of Alliance Française de Montréal in French learning, and the promotion of francophone culture and intercultural exchange.

Our Sponsors:

We would like to thank our sponsors our partners for their support and confidence in our vision and objectives:

Our opening night would not have been the same without the delicious buffet and bubbly laid out for the occasion. Oh no, it’s not just about history and culture is it, we have a rich past of gourmet cuisine that is impossible to resist – marvelous, those little marvels, Aux Merveilleux de Fred!

A big Thank You to everyone!

Remerciements commanditaires 2610

Informal Exchanges

The warm and friendly setting was an ideal opportunity to meet and exchange views with people from different walks of life. As with every occasion the time came to draw the curtain …both the volunteers and the team members brought the evening to a close together, cheering the success and vitality of the launch. Thus are networks created and an “Alliance” .  We are all proud of being ambassadors of French and Francophone culture and herald a new page in the development of French and Francophone culture in Montreal.

Long live the Alliance Française de Montréal!

Review of the unforgettable launch of the Alliance Française de Montréal!

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