Our mission, our values

Teaching French

Promoting the Francophonie for all in Montreal by focusing on learning French, and also on the socio-cultural and professional integration of foreign learners and workers:

  • - By offering French as a second language courses, in groups or one-on-one and in companies, allowing learners to learn French.
  • - By becoming an examination center to assess the level of French required to meet provincial and federal immigration and employment requirements.

Francophone Cultures

Promoting cross-cultural exchanges between immigrant and Quebec communities through cultural events, conferences and workshops on the Francophonie and the French language, while benefiting from our network of Alliance Françaises throughout the world:

  • - Organizing cultural events, conferences and workshops on the Francophonie and the French language. By offering an online media library.

Diversity and integration

Fostering the integration, cohesion and exchanges of immigrant and Quebec communities, while fighting discrimination through actions promoting the reconciliation of newcomers with the Quebec population:

  • - By organizing exchange workshops, conferences and meetings, sharing information and publishing articles on the subject.

Our values at Alliance Française de Montréal

Like all Alliances Françaises, the Alliance Française de Montréal is a non-profit organization under local law, apolitical and non-religious following the charter of the Alliances Françaises.
Supported by an associative culture, through a humanist message, nourished by intercultural dialogue and the debates that run through society, our values are:

Respect - Mutual aid - Openness - Kindliness
Charter of the French Alliances

All our directors and active members of the Alliance Française in Montreal have signed the Alliance Française Charter, which sets out the goals, principles and shared values of the Alliance Française community. Above all, it aims to bring the community together while respecting the Alliance Française model, which is based on the autonomy and responsibility of its members.